HGV Driver Training in the U.K.

Uk Hgv Training

If you are thinking about a change of career or want to boost your current job prospects then training to become a truck driver could be a great choice of career for you. Due to the nature of the job and the specialist training you must undergo to get your licence, HGV truck drivers are…

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PCV Training

pcv training

In order to gain your PCV driving license you will first have to apply for your provisional driving license, then pass both parts of the theory test either together or within two years of each other and then once all these are successfully completed you can then go on to start your practical training for…

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PCV and PSV Licenses Explained

What is a PCV license?

What is a PCV license? If you didn’t already know a PCV license is what’s known as a category D license that has four categories that include: Category D1 This is the license required for those wanting to drive a minibus that seats between 9 and 16 people. You can also tow a trailer of…

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PCV Theory Test Explained

PCV Theory test explained

What is the PCV theory test? If you’re looking to become a coach or bus driver then the very first test you will have to complete is the PCV theory test. If you’re a new driver then you must pass the theory test before you can begin your practical skills training which will then prepare…

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Working Hours for HGV Drivers?

Working Hours for HGV Drivers

If you’re thinking about becoming a HGV driver then you’re probably thinking about how many hours you’re  going to be working for, well hopefully, here,  I will try and answer your question, so read on for lots more info on HGV working hours. Ok so the average working week for a HGV driver is roughly…

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What does HGV Class 2 mean?

hgv class 2

The HGV class 2 is now known as LGV category C and it allows drivers who successfully gain their license to be able to drive any rigid category C vehicle weighing up to 32 tonnes. Once you have successfully gained your category C license you will have category C on your license and also added…

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What does Class 1 HGV mean?

class one driver

Well the answer to this question is fairly straightforward really, basically the LGV C and E test was originally known as HGV class 1, which allows drivers to be able to drive any rigid vehicle and a trailer over 750kg with a combined weight of 44 tonnes (truck and trailer). If you successfully pass the…

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How Much Does a HGV Licence Cost?

How much does a HGV license cost?

A provisional HGV license doesn’t cost that much really you’re talking around £50.00 and add on to that your medical test will usually on average costs £100. So you’re probably thinking hang on that doesn’t really sound like a lot of money to become a HGV driver and you’d be right, it isn’t, however, what…

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HGV Training Prices

how much does hgv training cost

Well I guess you’re reading this article because you are thinking about becoming a HGV driver and congratulations it’s a great career move, but on the other hand I suppose you have many questions that you would like answered and one of those is probably, how much does it cost to train up as a…

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The HGV Medical Test

HGV Medical Test

If you’re planning on becoming a HGV driver then by law you must pass the medical test. In order to legally operate commercial vehicles you will need to be in a good state of health after all you will be carrying out your role on public roads. Every new HGV driver must take a HGV…

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Can You Get Free HGV Training?

Free HGV Training

Training to become a HGV driver can be very expensive indeed. Firstly there is the license which can be £50.00 then there’s the medical to consider which can be up to £100 and then finally there’s the actual training which, wait for it can be anywhere between £600 and £1,000. Yes I know quite a…

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