Can You Get Free HGV Training?

Training to become a HGV driver can be very expensive indeed. Firstly there is the license which can be £50.00 then there’s the medical to consider which can be up to £100 and then finally there’s the actual training which, wait for it can be anywhere between £600 and £1,000. Yes I know quite a sum when all added together. It really is an investment that will require serious thinking about.

However it doesn’t have to be this way, there are some companies out there who will train you up to become  HGV driver for FREE yes you read right for FREE. They will train you up to HGV class C and E. There is one key point here though if you train up with them you are then contractually obliged to stay with that same company or you will have to pay for the training yourself. Remember this point though, if you are very good at your job as HGV driver they would love to keep you on anyway and this means job security for you, which let’s face it in this day and age can only be a good thing.

You can also get a free HGV license via joining the military. There is a Defence School of Transport (DST) based in East Yorkshire and they have been training personnel from the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Army for over twenty five years.

train to be a hgv driver

On average they help 15,000 students each year train as HGV drivers and make good use from the 16km worth of road circuits and also 5km worth of cross country tracks.

Well there you have it as you can see it is possible to train as a HGV driver for free. Not all companies train you up for free but there are some out there who will so it’s worth a go at phoning up HGV companies and asking them if they would consider training you up.

If you do succeed then well done as once you become a HGV driver you will be earning good money and have good job security too. Good Luck!