Get Your HGV Class 2 licence: What you need to know

If you are interested in HGV Class 2 licence, then this blog post is for you. HGV Class 2 licences allow drivers to drive vehicles with a maximum laden weight of 12 tonnes or more. The HGV Class 2 licence is the most common HGV qualification and allows drivers to operate vehicles such as articulated lorries, tipper trucks, tankers and other large goods vehicles. This article will explain what the HGV Class 2 licence entails and how it can be obtained.

How HGV Class Licences Work

In order to get a HGV class licence, you must have completed the relevant training and passed an HGV theory test. In addition this, there are various rules that apply when driving any HGV vehicle on UK roads, these include:

  • You can only drive in Great Britain if your licence allows it; some licences will not allow drivers to drive outside of their country of residence. For example French licences do not allow foreign travel. To check whether your HGV Class Licence permits international travel visit: here
  • If you intend on doing long distance journeys across Europe (i.e.: more than 50 miles or 80 kilometres), then all HGV vehicles require extra documentation. You will need to check with your HGV training provider or HGV licensing department about the HGV road user charges, which apply when travelling between European Union (EU) countries and how they work.
  • If you intend on driving in France then it is important that you also follow French rules and regulations: here
hgv class 2

There are a number of other requirements and regulations that must be followed by HGV drivers before setting off on any journey. It’s essential for all HGV Class licence holders to adhere to these regulations as failure to do so could result in fines or even disqualification from obtaining an HGV Class Licence. To ensure compliance with all UK laws regarding international travel, make sure you visit the HGV licence requirements in each country that you intend on driving in.

  • The HGV Class Licence is valid for a period of five years after which time it will need to be renewed. To check the expiry date visit your local HGV licensing department or alternatively, send an email with proof of passing both theory and practical tests to

Details of how to go about obtaining an HGV class licence varies between countries so make sure you get all relevant information from either your HGV training provider or HGV licensing authority before setting off on any international journeys!