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If you’re considering training as a HGV driver then there are some great books and software that can help you with your training, they are a great way to help you prepare to get your head around what you’ll be learning once you start on your training. The Complete LGV & PCV Theory and Hazard…

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Why Become an HGV Driver?

There are many reasons why you might want to become an HGV driver, especially at the moment during the global financial crisis. With job security becoming an increasing concern for people across the world, finding a ‘recession proof’ job is one that is a highly desirable prospect, and an HGV driver can certainly claim to…

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hgv licence requirements

In order to become an HGV driver, you will have to first have to meet the requirements to qualify for your licence. However, once you have done this there is little else in the way of training in order to prevent you walking into the job of your choice. There is such a shortage of…

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applying hgv provisional licence

Before taking your theory and practical HGV driving tests, you will first need to apply for a provisional driving licence. If you are considering training to become an HGV driver then you should sort this stage out as early as possible to prevent any further waiting around on your part. The first thing you will…

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hgv theory test

Before taking your HGV practical test you will need to take your theory test. However, before doing this you will have to already be in possession of a provisional HGV license, for which you will need to be 21 years of age. The HGV theory test is similar to the standard driving test in its…

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After you have applied for and received your provisional HGV license and have taken and passed the theory test, you will then have to take the practical test before you will become qualified as an HGV driver and can find a job from one of the many available. Before you take your practical test it…

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HGV Driver Training in the U.K.

Uk Hgv Training

If you are thinking about a change of career or want to boost your current job prospects then training to become a truck driver could be a great choice of career for you. Due to the nature of the job and the specialist training you must undergo to get your licence, HGV truck drivers are…

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