PCV Theory Test Explained

What is the PCV theory test?

If you’re looking to become a coach or bus driver then the very first test you will have to complete is the PCV theory test. If you’re a new driver then you must pass the theory test before you can begin your practical skills training which will then prepare you for the final two tests of the four test CPC regimen.

The theory test is a two part test that you can book and carry out during one single session, which will take place at your local testing facility. If you want to you can book the two parts of the theory test separately, however both of the tests must be passed within two years of each other in order for each of them to be valid. If the worst happens and you fail in one of the tests then you can take the test again as long as you wait for three days after the test.

Multiple Choice Section

Ok so the first part of your theory test is the multiple choice section, what happens is you will be in front of a computer screen on the pcv theory test app and you will be presented with 100 multiple choice questions which will be related to general highway safety and the basic concepts of driving commercial vehicles, large ones that is. You will have to answer 85 of the 100 questions successfully in order to pass this section of the test. This section of the test will be carried out within 55 minutes.

PCV Theory test explained

Hazard Avoidance Test

The next section of the theory test is the pcv theory test hazard perception test this section of the test has been updated so that it matches with the CPC requirements that are now in force. You will be watching a series of 19 videos and there will be 20 developing hazards in total for you to point out. When you watch the videos you will have to recognise the developing hazards and also the potential for developing hazards. However you are only scored for the developing hazards. The faster you are at clicking on the computer mouse the better your score will be. If you don’t identify a developing hazard then you will not get any points. You will not receive any points if you just keep clicking the mouse for no reason at all, as this will seem that you are just randomly guessing rather than recognising a potential hazard.

This part of the test has a maximum score of 100 and the pcv theory test pass mark score is 67 points in order to pass. You will know straight away if you have successfully passed both parts of the PCV theory test and then if you have successfully passed you can then go on to your practical training. Or if you have just completed one of these tests you can go onto the next one.

Increasing your chances of success

Here are some great tips that will help you greatly when it comes to passing both parts of the PCV theory test:

  • Take a class
  • Study your material closely
  • Utilise your instructor
  • Take more practice tests
  • Relax as much as you can
  • Make sure you’re well rested to be able to watch videos and answer questions on a computer screen.
  • Make sure you have proper classes to be able to look at the computer screen properly (should you need them)

Well that’s about it regarding the PCV theory test, I hope I have provided you with lots of info and that you are more prepared for what will be happening during each of the tests, all that’s left for me to do now is to wish you the best of luck with it all, so good luck and I hope you successfully pass your PVC theory test. Good Luck!