PCV Licence Training

In order to gain your PCV driving license you will first have to apply for your provisional driving license, then pass both parts of the theory test either together or within two years of each other and then once all these are successfully completed you can then go on to start your practical training for your PCV license.

A bus driving career is a good career move however it isn’t suitable for everyone, you have to be safe at driving a large commercial vehicle and you will have to have good concentration levels, good knowledge, patience and you must have the ability to be flexible. If you do possess all of these qualities then you could go on to have a very good career indeed.

Becoming a bus driver on a professional level is very lucrative indeed and is also very rewarding too. Driving commercial vehicles offers you good pay along with the daily challenges a bus driver faces day to day and also you’ll be getting the chance to meet and greet lots of different people along the way. If you don’t like being stuck in one place for instance sitting in an office all day then this could be a great carrier for you. Bus drivers possess many good qualities including:

  • They have very good driving skills
  • Good knowledge of traffic regulations
  • Possess a patient attitude
  • Have a good level of responsibility
  • Have a very good sense of direction

How do I become a PCV driver?

So if you have decided that bus driving is the right career for you then congratulations you have chosen well. Some training companies will get you trained up in just a few weeks which would be great news if the right job comes your way at the same time.

Your training will cover everything you will need to know in order to drive a large commercial vehicle. Some changes have been made over the years and there are now four tests instead of two and these include:

  • The pcv licence theory test
  • Case studies
  • Driving skills
  • The practical demonstration

Your training covers all of these areas so you have the very best chance at successfully passing each of the four tests listed.

What is PCV license?

It used to be the case that once you gained your PCV license no further training was needed however changes have now been made so that even if you do gain your PCV license your training will continue as long as you continue to be a bus driver.

It takes the right kind of training to become a qualified bus driver along with help and support throughout your training and it also takes your determination to succeed. You will learn all it takes to become a bus driver in just a few weeks of training. You will need to complete these five steps before you are a qualified bus driver:

  • Take a medical examination
  • Get a provisional license
  • Successfully pass both sections of the theory test
  • Undergo practical skills training
  • Pass the last two remaining tests

How much does it cost to become a bus driver UK?

Training to become a bus driver doesn’t have to be costly, however be careful as many training companies can be quite expensive but there are good ones out there who will train you up to a high standard for a reasonable cost. In most of Europe and indeed North America there are bus driver shortages and here in the UK people are finding it difficult to become bus drivers because of how expensive it can be to be trained. Like I mentioned there are good companies out there who will try and keep pcv licence training cost down in order for you to train.

The cost of training is difficult to pinpoint down as different courses will cost different amounts. and you may be able to find free pcv training if your lucky!

What is a PCV license?

There are plenty of good training companies across the UK so there is bound to be one close to where you are based, however make sure they are CPC approved as a training centre.

The right training is key though as you have to maximise your chances of success. Intensive training courses are great as they train you up in short concentrated bursts rather than longer and more gradual training. It has been said that by training in short bursts you will have more chance of success as you are far more likely to remember things better. The key four points here is:

  • Remember
  • Comprehend
  • Recall
  • Retain

Remember your bus driver training has been designed so that you become a fully competent driver of large commercial vehicles and that you feel safe when driving these large vehicles on the road. Once you have successfully completed your training you will be a safe and responsible bus driver.

Well that’s about it from me, I really do hope I have helped you gain lots more info on bus driver training and all that’s involved along with the many benefits this great career brings. So good luck with your training and I hope one day you will be driving a bus professionally. Good Luck to you!