What is HGV Class 2?

The HGV class 2 is now known as LGV category C and it allows drivers who successfully gain their license to be able to drive any rigid category C vehicle weighing up to 32 tonnes. Once you have successfully gained your category C license you will have category C on your license and also added to your license will be category C1 (7.5 tonne license)

If you currently have a category B license which basically is a car license then you will only be required to take the category C driving test which will be carried out in an automatic vehicle.

Although this rule does apply it is recommended that you take the LGV class 2 test in a manual vehicle. There are reasons for this with one reason being that the gearbox sequence is a lot different in a lorry than it is in a car and so you may need the experience at handling this change of sequence first as you may struggle finding work as a HGV class 2 driver without this added experience and you should with this added experience find work much faster as the boss will know that you are fully up to speed on how these vehicles must be handled. It will show that you are fully competent at driving such vehicles without any problems.

However the choice is in the end yours but you will definitely find it beneficial taking this time to get to grips with a new vehicle and the way the gearbox works.

So let me now wish you the very best of luck. Good luck!

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