Working Hours for HGV Drivers

If you’re thinking about becoming a HGV driver then you’re probably thinking about how many hours you’re  going to be working for, well hopefully, here,  I will try and answer your question, so read on for lots more info on HGV working hours.

Ok so the average working week for a HGV driver is roughly 48 hours which is over a 4 month reference period. As a HGV driver you cannot opt out from this 48 hour week. You can if you want to extend the 4 month reference period to six months. However this must be okayed by the union.

Maximum working hours per week for hgv driver

A HGV driver can work 60 hours a week at maximum however the average working hours must not be exceeded within the reference period whichever is relevant to you, 4 months or 6 months. Your working week will start and then end at 00.00 on Monday mornings.

If you are working at night then you have a maximum working limit of 10 hours within any 24 hour period. This can be extended if you wish it to be once it has been cleared with the union. For instance you could arrange with the union that you work four, twelve hour shifts at night.

Your employer must keep a record of your working hours for two years and the Vehicle and Operators Service Agency will enforce all regulations.

What does working time include?

Your working time includes:

  • The actual driving
  • Loading and unloading
  • Cleaning the vehicle
  • Maintaining the vehicle
  • Training
  • Work that contributes to the safety of the vehicle
  • Time spent at workstation in which a worker cannot begin work until they are able to start as normal due to unexpected issues with the vehicle for instance.

Working time doesn’t include:

  • Lunch breaks
  • Travelling from home to work and work to home
  • Breaks that are paid or unpaid
  • Day release courses or evening classes
  • Periods of availability (this is paid time but doesn’t count towards your 48 hour working week or the 60 hour maximum working week)

The average working week is based over a 4 month reference period (17 or 18 weeks)

A night time shift is between midnight and 4am for goods vehicles and 1am and 5am for passenger vehicles

Night time workers are still eligible for health checks.

HGV driver pay 2022

Driver hours rests and breaks

You are entitled to 11 hour consecutive rest in any 24 hour period.

Weekly rests entitle you to 45 hour consecutive rest

You are entitled to a 45 minute break if the working time which includes driving and non driving exceeds 9 hours. The breaks can be split into 3, 15 minute breaks and these can be taken at your work station.

Your breaks will not count towards the working time limits.

So that’s it about working hours for HGV drivers. I hope you have gained more info and that reading this article has been of use to you!